Multimedia Producer

Animation Reel


Wandersong Fan Walk Cycle

This study in walkcycles had me focusing on creating a sense of character in two different character's style of walking. I additionally wanted to focus on giving a sense of three dimensionality on a very 2D style.

Sad Dog PSA

I made this spoof of an informational PSA to not only make fun of my weird dog, but also to get practice working with extremely stylized pieces. The animation heavily draws from the opening sequence to Catch Me if you Can. The clean style and beautiful colors give it a very professional look in contrast to the silly voice over and visuals.

Word Circuits Trailer

This trailer was created for the Electronic Literature Organization's the Next. the Next holds preserved digital works that otherwise could not be accessed. I chose to create a trailer for Robert Kendall's Word Circuits. With this animation, I wanted to capture the rhythm of the poetry stored on Word Circuits as well as the contrast between the vibrant works with the utilitarian website.

Game Design

Just a Farming Sim Gameplay

I was large part of the art pipline for the indie farming simulator, Just a Farming Sim. I became the background designer, lead animator, and created many of the 3d assets. This mock up scene showcases the traditional style not often seen in video games that we put into a section of our game.

Skeletal Crow

One of the most common enemies in our game was designed, modeled, and animated by me. These skeletal crows are similar enough to the standard crows in the game that you could mistake them at first glance. I wanted to walk the fine line between indistinguishable and distinct in order to keep the player on their toes.

Blacksmith's Scene

Along with all of the backgrounds for the game, I also created this character to compliment his scene. I wanted to keep all of these backgrounds rooted in the physical with their watercolor on paper aesthetic. This game the game a rustic look that reflected the farming gameplay. Additionally, the happy and colorful look of the art contrasted the dark undertones of the game.


Strawberry Centipede

Through collage, you can get a grounded scene that also lacks a proper sense of place. The disorienting feeling that collage works can give you lends itself well to creating interesting creature designs. I wanted to create a cutesy pop of color with my delicious looking strawberries contrasting with the often hated body of a centipede. To make the strawberries look even more inviting, I gave them a shiny, almost latex like texture that makes them look nice and juicy.

Komodo Dragon

This piece is part of my series on unusual scales. The piece was inspired by works of art depicting distant monsters and giants. I wanted to incorporate the casual presentation of something fantastical with my love for biology. The blurred out eye fades into the background to give focus to the tiny komodo dragon in the foreground. By not drawing attention to the odd sizes, I wanted to give the viewer the impression that the scene is normal to the characters living in the world.


Another piece in my scale collection, this piece focuses again on making the fantastic seem mundane. I wanted to minic the horror/monster movie trope of not focusing or framing the interesting subject, but rather, showing a moment in time that just happened to capture something more interesting.